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Testimonials From Others I Have Helped



This resume exceeded all expectations I had!  Your opening paragraph really resonates with me and the work I do (and have done) and I think represents who I am.  You have taken what was an overwhelming task for me and made it manageable and fun-it also allowed me to really remember my accomplishments over these past 11 plus years!  THANK YOU!


Thank you so much, 

Jennifer S., PHR

Hi David,


It is EXCELLENT. I am 100% satisfied. Thank you so much. Ann told me your skills were great and she was right on the money.


Thanks Again!

Jeff G.

Good morning David,

Wow that is excellent. Thank you so much. You are amazing at this. I’m going to begin the application process this afternoon but this looks perfect. 

Have a fantastic day.

Michael B., LPC

Are you kidding, it is amazing!! I need to burn the old one lol my license number is ****** and the expiration date is 7/31/2020. Everything looks perfect! 😍Thank you SO much! 


Brittany W., RN

Thank you, Dave, it looks great.  You've done way more than I could've asked/expected.  I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know.


Thanks again,

Nick G.

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