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What Is Your Personal Brand & How to Build It

Twenty years ago, branding was a marketing tool reserved for companies that allowed them to stand out from their competition. Apple has been a master at developing a brand that has catapulted them to the most profitable company in the world. Their marketing focused on the emotions of discovery, imagination, and empowerment. Fast forward twenty years and individuals are now developing their own personal brands to help market them for promotions and possible future employers. Individuals have footprints on multiple social networking platforms and whether they realize it or not they have been developing a personal brand both online and in their work environment. So, what is your brand?

A good place to start figuring this out is to ask your co-workers and teammates what makes you unique and what they consider your strengths to be. Another resource is your family and friends and the things they appreciate about you. Once you have a better understanding of who you are and what you have to offer, you can more effectively build your personal brand.

Here are five ideas for building your personal brand:

1. Join and get involved in groups specific to your industry. Do this both online and in person if there are local groups in your area. This will allow you to increase your visibility within your industry and also learn from others in your career field.

2. Build a professional profile on LinkedIn and stay active. Ensure you brand is showcased through your profile, it is your online resumé. Comment and share articles of others on your page. Reading articles of others in your industry keeps you informed.

3. Make personal connections.

4. Volunteer within your industry and community.

5. Be positive in everything.

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